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Pilates Classes

This class is suitable for all levels, ages and abilities and will strengthen your pelvic floor, core and back, whilst helping to improve posture. The class size is kept to a maximum of 12. With this small class size I can adapt most exercises and as a chartered physiotherapist I am used to customising exercises to suit an individual's needs and ability.

This is a matwork based class lasting one hour. The class will 
  • Concentrate on your core,
  • Provide exercise for the whole body
  • Strengthen both upper and lower limbs
  • Work to improve posture, balance and coordination

In some classes we will use small equipment to provide variety and additional resistance training. All equipment is provided. It is recommended that you wear clothes that are comfortable and do not restrict movement.

As the classes are limited in size, it is necessary to contact me to book your place in the class. At the time of booking, it is possible for up to 2 weeks of holiday to be requested within the block.

Prior to attending the class for the first time, a short medical form must be completed, and an assessment will be carried out to review your needs and to discuss what you aim to achieve from the class. 

  • When: 7-8 and 8-9 pm, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings
  • Where: Corpus Christi Church Hall, Margaret Road, Headington, Oxford
  • Cost: £50 for a block of 6 consecutive weeks, or £10 for a single session.